10 Reasons why I love the beach





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Why do you love the beach?
Here are my top 10 reasons.  I would love to hear what your ideas are too.
1.  Nature. The beach is sometimes the fastest way to destress and immerse your self in nature.  Closing your eyes, feeling the sand between your toes, hearing the crashing surf and the seabirds, smelling and tasting the salty fresh air, for me, it is like hitting the reset button. 
2.  Sun. Basking in the sun just feels so good.  Plus you get your vitamin D from the sunlight that modern life is depriving a lot of us of.
3.  Recreation. The beach is an excellent place to exercise and have fun!!  Ever try running in the sand? Beach volleyball? Swimming? Surfing? Yoga? 
4. Beach walks. Some of the best talks I've ever had with my besties have been walking a few miles in the surf.  
5.  Equality. The beach is one of the few places where we go, and, perhaps because we are often wearing less clothing and other status symbols, I feel like we are more real, and people of all social and economic strata seem to mix more readily than other venues.  I like that. 
6.  Sunset. Sunset can be romantic, can be astoundingly beautiful, and they feel special to behold whether the experience is solo or shared. 
7.  Freedom.  Even with a bustling city behind you, and thoughts whirling in your head, just looking out at the horizon can make you feel a little less stuck and help you remember that it's a big world out there, anything is possible.
8.  Adventure.  From tropical beaches to the Channel Islands, the beach can mean exploring and expanding your mind. 
9.  The common pull of the beach.  It seems no matter where I go in the world, where there is water, and a beach, people are drawn to it to play, commune with nature, and enjoy.  It is a shared human experience.
10. Swimsuits.  I love beachwear!! 

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