Tips to keep your skin beach ready this winter

Living in California often means an extended swimwear season - I feel so grateful!  However, that doesn't mean our skin doesn't need a little extra TLC and pampering during the winter months.  Our sisters in more harsh climates definitely have more extremes to deal with but the principles are the same.
Nourish & Hydrate
We need to hydrate from the inside and out, eat nourishing foods rich in good fats, and drink plenty of fluids.  Examples of good for you oily foods are yummy foods like coconut oils, avocados, almonds, oily fish, and grass-fed butter.  The oils help to strengthen the lipid barrier on the skin to keep it smooth, hydrated, and healthy. 
Drink lots of water.  If water seems boring or cold, bone broths, teas, and sparkling waters (we are drinking so much La Croix right now!).
Make your environment skin friendly
Sleep with a humidifier if the air is dry and wear natural fibered clothes that are non-irritating. Protect your skin if you are going out into the elements. Extremely hot showers strip the skin of its protective layer of oils, so a very warm shower or bath is easier on the skin. 
Central heating, wind, and the elements can really dry out our skin. Gentle exfoliation, removing a bit of the dead outer layer of skin,  is a must to keep skin looking fresh and to let moisturizing products do their jobs effectively. 
Gentle exfoliating cleaners, dry brushing, and using a Clarisonic are all great ways to incorporate exfoliation into your routine. 
Products I like in the winter
In the winter, because I have really dry skin, I like to up the emollient factor of the products I use on my face and body. Here are a couple of products I like: 
Rosehip seed oil.  There are so many expensive face oils out there, I just go for the original non-pore clogging, skin soothing oil from a trusted source. Simplers is a brand I like.
I also love First Aid Beauty Ultra repair cream intense hydration. This cream is so soothing, especially for sun and wind burned skin. I use it daily.
If you have any great tips to keep skin in tip-top condition in the winter months, let me know!

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